Honors Rassam Tajh Raya Machinery Company

The first international exhibition of textile industry
Homogeneous Textile Industries Association
Twenty-fifth International Machinery Exhibition

About Rassam Tajh Raya Machinery Company

Rassam Tajhiz Raya Machine-Building Industries Group began its operations as Gostar Ebadi Services Group, specializing in the over hall, automation, installation, and commissioning of textile industry machines.

We can install, configure, and operate textile types of machinery in a variety of countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Turkey, and Greece, and we are also a representative of Babcock, Artos, and Bruckner,  Famatex, and Regianni companies. Inside the country borders, we collaborate with modern textile and weaving companies in terms of over hall installation.

Our services in Rassam Tajh Raya Machinery Company

The Batik Technical and Support Group is ready to provide installation and training services as well as resolve technical problems in the shortest time possible. ** (You will not be alone)

Manufacture of printing and finishing machines

Advice on buying machines

Automation and overhaul of industrial machinery

Manufacture of gas burners model j150

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